At Nobu Hotels the health and safety of our guests and team members is paramount.  For over 25 years we have proudly served our guests the highest quality product in an exceptionally sanitary environment as you would only expect with raw fish headlining our menu.

We now find ourselves in a new world due to COVID-19.  As we move forward and begin to welcome our guests and team members back to our hotels and restaurants, the journey will be further tailored with precautionary hygiene protocols directed by the local health organizations and government authorities within each of our destinations.  You are our family, and we remain resolute in striving to continually provide to you our Nobu guest experience through our heartfelt kokoro service.

In response to the healthcare crisis caused by COVID-19, we have taken additional health and safety measures to help keep our guests and employees safe:

  • All of our facilities will be disinfected before Hotels are opened.
  • We have updated our daily cleaning and disinfection protocols for all facilities. The update to these changes will increase the frequency of disinfection of rooms and communal areas, with particular emphasis on commonly-used items such as handrails, staircases, door handles, lift buttons, etc. The daily disinfection will be carried out using anti-viral products authorised by the Ministry of Health for use against COVID-19.
  • Disinfectant gel will be made available and clients will be invited to use this on arrival at the Hotel reception as well as in all of our Restaurants.
  • Occupancy numbers will be reduced in all of our facilities, maintaining social distancing of 2 metres at all times, between employees as well as between clients and employees.
  • The entire staff will be trained on COVID-19, prevention measures and new ways of working. Specific training will be provided for all staff involved in cleaning and disinfection tasks.
  • Employees will be provided with the necessary PPE to carry out their work, according to the guidelines set out by the WHO, Ministry of Health and specific Risk Assessment.
  • Employees will have their temperature taken on a daily basis and no one with a temperature over 37.5 degrees will be admitted.
  • Implementation of action protocols in the event of potential positive or suspected cases at our facilities. This protocol has been created in conjunction with the Medical Department of our external Prevention Service.

We will continue to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness remain the top priority throughout our operations.